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Stormer XL Review by KZN02 Stormer XL Review by KZN02
It's been 2 years since I last got a LEGO set, but here we are with Stormer XL. Let's get to it. Since this is the only Breakout set I got, I'll be reviewing some stuff from the previous wave, so bear with me.

First thing you should notice is that Stormer XL's container is a box rather than a canister, obvious because of the "XL" part. Usual titan stuff.

The contents are a bag of pieces (with another bag of smaller pieces; bag-ception), stickers, and the instruction booklet.

For the pieces, we have 91 pieces.

There's a new double socket piece, and it's half as small as the double socket back in 2004.

A new foot piece, and it's pretty big. I've heard comparisons between it and the old Matoran feet, mainly the toes, which I have in the picture.

The chest piece, which was first used in the Hulk set in lime green, is now in white for Stormer XL. It's twice as large as the old armor piece in 2.0 and 3.0.

The Hero Cuffs are pretty cool, they slip on easy on arms, though I see some problems with it being stored on the hip dangling. There's an extra piece on the back that allows it to be stored there, if you don't want it dangling on the hip.

The Plasma Shooter is pretty nifty. The ball is firmly in place, and though it looks like the pieces are bending, they look sturdy enough to take it.

The Power Sword is a cool double-edged weapon, and it kind of makes me think of scissors.

Probably the main feature are the Scout Drones all over Stormer XL (there are 5). It kind of makes him a robo-giant aircraft carrier thing, and they seem to double as armor. Pretty impressive.

Compared to Stormer 2.0, Stormer XL is ~1.4 times taller and around twice as wide.

The leftovers are 3 pieces. I used the washer on the right in the Power Sword (as you can see in the main picture) just because it had no other place to go. The pin in the middle could be used to connect the cuff pieces together to prevent dangling and save space. The holder piece on the left can be used in holding the cuff piece if I decided to do that.

I haven't applied stickers to LEGO sets in years, and it was quite nerve-racking trying to place them on acceptably, but I managed to do so, as you can see on the main picture. I've heard arguments for stickers rather than being designed on, so I guess I won't complain.

Anyways, for the set itself, the main things you'll notice is that the shoulders are a bit low, which does look awkward, and that it's constructed differently compared to the previous titan sets (of which I don't have but I've seen enough online to know about). Another thing I have gripes about is that the arms are pretty short; Stormer 2.0's arms could reach a a bit above his knees and could put his hands together, but XL can't do the same. While Hero Factory sets suffered empty, skeletal backs, Stormer XL's isn't quite as bad, with a chest piece covering it. There's bone pieces that armor can be put on that would actually provide more coverage and even bulk into the set, but I'll leave that for a modification later on. There are 15 degrees of articulation, though the head is a bit limited, so it's rather difficult to look left, right, or down.

On the pricing, it's between 2 to 3 times as much as a normal canister set with around 3 times as much pieces, 89 pieces, though the other titan set of Breakout, Black Phantom, has 124 pieces and is worth less than Stormer XL at this point. I guess any justification why you should spend more money for less pieces is for the new pieces or old pieces in new colors.

So the final verdict; if you like Stormer and are not bothered by the low shoulders, you can either get this one now or wait later for better pricing. If you want to get new pieces or spare parts for MOCing, you might want to consider it, but of course heed what I said previously. If you have spare parts to apply on Stormer XL, then it's definitely worth a try, which I plan on doing for the next few days after this review. In short, I'm on the fence of this one on recommending it, so consider what I say before on whether you want to get it now or later or at all.

bubblesishot46853 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012
I'll probably wait 'til Christmas to get Stormer XL. His price should drop by then, although I'm not so sure.
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